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The anti-aging emotion and immune booster

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Our emotions can greatly impact our physiological as well as psychological health.

Numerous scientific studies have shown the powerful health benefits of laughter,


  1. Decreasing levels of stress hormones ( Cortisol and Epinephrine)

  2. Better able to cope with stress

  3. Impacting our immune system with increase of antibodies and Natural Killer Cells (NKC). These NKCs , as part of the innate immunity, destroys pathogens, and are known to protect against cancer. Studies have shown an inverse relationship with fewer NKCs, there is more rapid progression and has more metastasis. NKCs responds to your mood, and increasing laughter can boost the NKCs. And guess what, by staying happy and optimistic, feeling good can boost NK cells "exponentially."

  4. Providing a healthy function of blood vessels, through vasodilation which in turn causes increase of blood flow.

  5. Promoting learning.

Dr Ronald Grisanti, in his article "The One Emotion that Extends Your Life" shared:

"A study done a the University of California showed that actors who spent time performing depressing movie scenes had a decreased immune responsiveness. On the other hand actors who performed roles where they were uplifting had an increased immune responsiveness. So the moral of the story is something called, Fake it till you make it. Yes, even if you don't feel happy, at least act like you do. Your body's immune system will reward you for it."

Dr Grisanti further recommends the following activities to boost your NK cells.

  1. Watching funny movies

  2. Making music

  3. Listening to uplifting music

  4. Coloring in books

  5. Walking in the woods

  6. Going to a comedy show

  7. Spending time with good uplifting friends

  8. Take a soaking bath with relaxing herbs.

Advances in Physiology Education: Brandon M. Savage, Heidi Lujan, Raghavendor Tipparthi, Stephen DiCarlos

Functional Medicine University, Dr Ronald Grisanti "The One Emotion that Extends Your Life"

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