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Andrographis Plant, "King of Bitters"

The Andrographis Plant, the English name meaning "King of the Bitters" has many healthful benefits including a great detoxifier, and "immune supporter", as well as a digestive aid. It

has been used in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine has been used to calm digestive issues in children. It helps maintain normal body temperature, thereby a important

support for the immune system by modulating the levels of immune cells. Because of its "immense bitterness" it supports gallbadder as well as liver functions. Studies have also shown that it improves circulation and pressure of blood in blood vessels, blood sugar and lipid balance and regulation. Additionally it also functions as an antioxidant, and protects

the mitochondria from damage due to free radicals.

Important precautions would be: "Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation, or consult your primary physician for pre-existing conditions, or taking pharmaceutical drugs prior to use."

Reference: Gaia Herbs,

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