Maggie Tadlock , founder of Holistic Good Life, is a certified functional medicine practitioner and a registered nurse. Her love of caring for people led her to a nursing career right out of high school, spanning 40+ years. As a registered nurse, she was able to care for many different patients of all backgrounds with many different health challenges. 

In her personal life, she also experienced medical challenges and was able to overcome them. Maggie wanted to share information based on her knowledge and experience with others to help them achieve optimal health. 


Maggie looks forward to providing up-to-date, natural health information and resources to those that are interested in knowing how to achieve good health, prevention, and/or ameliorate current health conditions. 



Contra Costa County College

School of Registered Nursing (1970- 1972)  

Associate of Science


University of California, San Francisco

School of Nursing (1973-1975)

Bachelor of Science, Nursing

State of California:

Licensed Registered Nurse

Licensed Public Health Nurse


Functional Medicine University (2017-2020)

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner 2020


University of Natural Medicine International (2014-2021)

Doctor of Naturopathy

Expected completion September 2021